Points Information

Salter Hydinger

As a member of the GHJA, you can compete for GHJA year end high point awards from beginner to advanced levels – and everything in between. Points are earned by winning ribbons at GHJA recognized horse shows at either the “Local” level or at the “Regular” level, held throughout Georgia and its contiguous states.

Local horse shows are a natural starting point for your show career with one day shows and with many divisions to choose from which are suitable for a novice. Local shows can also be a more affordable option for advanced riders or for riders looking for mileage with an inexperienced mount. By contrast, Regular Member shows are those which are recognized by the USEF and the GHJA and offer competition at the highest levels of hunter and jumper riding. These shows are usually held over several days at horse show facilities throughout the southeast. Whatever your age, experience, skill, or ambition, you will find a division and a level that will be just right for you to compete in and enjoy!

The GHJA sanctions both Regular and Local member competitions for points toward year end awards and those point standings are maintained separately for two complete year end award programs.GHJA Regular Member shows have received a USEF sanctioning as an “AA”, “A”, “B”, or “C” rated show.GHJA Local Member shows are not recognized by the USEF, although they may be sanctioned by other state or local organizations.

The following table describes the GHJA Local Member point system. (Which changed for the 2016 show season)

Place Points
First 10.0 + # of entries
Second 6.0 + # of entries
Third 4.0 + # of entries
Fourth 2.0 + # of entries
Fifth 1.0 + # of entries
Sixth 0.5 + # of entries
Champion 2 x 1st place pt value
Reserve 1.2 x 1st place pt value


Championship points are not awarded for Equitation divisions. Classic classes may be sanctioned by the GHJA and double points awarded to count toward Local Member year-end awards.

The following table describes the GHJA Regular Member point system:

Place Points
First 30.0 + # of entries
Second 25.0 + # of entries
Third 20.0 + # of entries
Fourth 15.0 + # of entries
Fifth 14.0 + # of entries
Sixth 13.0 + # of entries
Champion 2 x 1st place point value
Reserve 1.2 x 1st place point value

Championship points are not awarded for Equitation divisions. 

Point Updating

Points are updated once a month after all Horse Show Results for the previous month have been filed with the office. Usually, the points posting will occur between the 15th and 21st. For example, points updated to include June results will be posted on the website between July 15th and July 21st. The final Year End Posting will be as soon after December 1st as possible to allow adequate time for review before points become final.

Point Audit

If you feel that your point accumulation is not correct, you will need to file a local or regular audit form with the Points Secretary or contact the Points Secretary via e-mail with the details of the discrepancy. Please be specific about Horse Show, date, Division or Class, name and GHJA number of horse and/or rider. Final Audit Forms are due in the office by December 15th. After that date, points will stand as posted for year end awards.


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