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In order to accrue points with the GHJA, for your horse, the horse and member must be currently registered with the GHJA office. This horse recording is a one time fee and the horse will be recorded for life. No yearly paperwork is required once a horse is issued his/her GHJA recording number. Memberships however, must be renewed annually in order for points to count for members and their horses.

Recording Types:

  • New Recording (lifetime recording of horse): $35.00
  • Name Change (to change the registered name on a horse with an existing GHJA membership): $15.00
  • Owner Change (to transfer permanent ownership from one GHJA member to another GHJA member): $15.00
  • Lease Change (to transfer temporary ownership from one GHJA member to another GHJA member): $15.00

**If you are leasing a horse and will be showing the horse under the owner's name, please make sure the owner is a member. Points will not count if the owner is not a current member. **


If you prefer to mail in your horse recording application form and fees, you may download an application here. Don't have Adobe Acrobat? Click here to get it.

Applicant hereby agrees to be bound by the Bylaws and Rules of the GHJA now in effect or as subsequently adopted.

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