Get involved with the GHJA Juniors Committee, have some fun, and help support the Juniors Committee's charitable causes!

The GHJA Juniors Committee is open to all GHJA Junior members and run by an elected Board of GHJA Juniors under the advisement of a GHJA Senior advisor. The mission of the GHJA Juniors is to promote good sportsmanship among all. The GHJA Juniors are responsible for special Equitation events, fundraising for worthy causes, and to help broaden the involvement of Juniors in the GHJA.

The GHJA Juniors have contributed to many causes through the past years and also today. Our most recent project has been purchasing a sling and getting training to the Milton Fire department so in an emergency they can use it to save horses in and around the Milton area. We have also sold pajama pants to save up for this worthy cause. In the past, we have sold wristbands for the abandoned and hurt horses in hurricane Katrina. We donated two thousand dollars to the Animal S.O.S fund. All in all, we are always working on a way to make our horse community better.

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