Congrats to our medal winners!

We would like to congratulate the following riders on their success at the GHJA Finals:

Eq Challenge- Kaitlin Barton

GHJA Adult Medal- Madison Orr

GHJA Pony Medal- Jameson Vinette

JD Pounds- Maddie Vorhies


A Huge Thank You to the Finals Committee

We would like to thank the finals committee for putting on a fantastic horse show this year.  Their hard work was much appreciated!  Thank you to:

Karen Boysen, Jay Sims, Debby Bandy, Jack Flowers, Stephanie Meek, Terra Pruitt, Alison Courtney, Vicki Hays, Karen Hood, Megan Thiel, Carri Tootle, Lauren Palko & Shereen Fuqua.


GHJA Lifetime Achievement Award

Please find more information here on a new award we will be offering, to be awarded at the Banquet!  

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