Board of Directors

Officers 2017:

NameE-mailPost expires
Vice President  
Karen Boysene-mail12/2017
Jack Flowerse-mail12/2019
Mimi Hardiee-mail12/2017
Recording Secretary  
Katherine Paule-mail12/2018


Board members, in addition to officers:

Name E-mail Post expires
Scott Armour e-mail 12/2019
Debby Bandy e-mail 12/2018
Roger Brown e-mail 12/2018
Stephanie Cumming e-mail 12/2017
Karen Hood e-mail 12/2018
Kathy Jones e-mail 12/2019
Lauren Kissel e-mail 12/2017
Barbara Macon e-mail 12/2017
Mandy Marger e-mail 12/2019
Doug Prusso e-mail 12/2018
Jeanne Shaw e-mail 12/2018
Jay Sims e-mail 12/2017
Sunny Stevens e-mail 12/2019
Megan Thiel e-mail 12/2019
Bo Wagner e-mail 12/2019



Executive Secretary  
Lauren Palkoe-mail


2017 Meeting Dates: 

February 7





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